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Ageism comes to the legal profession

Posted in Management
Most people will agree that there are too many lawyers, an oversupply. (Parenthetically, I disagree; it seems to me that there is a dislocation between the supply and the demand for legal services, a situation that the organized bar has never been able to reconcile with successfully.) But I digress. Assuming, for the moment, that… Continue Reading

Virtual lawyers in trouble?

Posted in Management, Technology
Virtual veterinarian faces a legal test in Texas. He moved his practice online and talked to distressed pet owners by email and telephone. He charged a flat fee, generally, and recommended treatment options. The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners suspended his license for violating the state law that prevents veterinarians from setting up… Continue Reading

Legal fees are high – according to whom?

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Management
In today’s Wall Street Journal,  staff writer, Jacqueline Palank discusses the Justice Department’s attempt to control fees that bankruptcy lawyers seek. Creditors and employees may, at times, be a bit disgruntled by such fees. So, now, the U.S. Trustee Program appears to be entering the fray. Before going further, it should be noted that i)… Continue Reading

Alternative law firm business model

Posted in Management, Marketing
From Lawyers USA, we learn that the American Bar’s Ethics Commission has recommended that states rules be changed to allow non-lawyers to own up to 25% of law firms.  Rules against lawyers sharing fees with non-lawyers might need to be loosened to allow U.S. firms to compete globally. The proposal says that any firm with… Continue Reading

Posted in Management, Videos
Today’s law firms are struggling to pay for their 3 most importance expenses: labor, rent, and insurance. This week, Ed offers tips to help you manage your cash flow so that paying the bills doesn’t break the bank.… Continue Reading

Raising Legal Fees

Posted in Videos
Ed recognizes that raising your legal fees just doesn’t "fly". This week, he offers some tips to raise the revenue of your firm without necessarily raising your fees.… Continue Reading

Can non-lawyers own a law firm?

Posted in Management, Marketing
Yes, say some. Only a short time ago, we believed that non-lawyers would be able to participate in the ownership of American law firms. The pressure, so we believed, would come from the British Empire. Australia already allows this and it will soon be permitted in England. But, not the U.S. … until now. The… Continue Reading

Open Letter to the State Bar President

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Management
(Note: The California State Bar President asked  California lawyers to contribute to the State Bar’s efforts to provide legal services to those in need. Following is an open letter to the President; his letter is set forth below.   Dear Mr. President:  I agree with you completely. There is a tremendous "justice gap." I’m glad… Continue Reading

Customer priority

Posted in Management, Marketing
As quoted by Alan Weiss, citing an IBM survey, CEO’s focus on three elements: 1. Embody creative leadership (take prudent risk, invite disruptive innovation) 2. Reinvent customer relationships (set priority of customer intimacy) 3. Operating dexterity (flexible cost structures and opportunistic capabilities) Shouldn’t this be what law firms do? Take prudent risk to grow the… Continue Reading