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Developing your practice and business will always be a priority.  This week, Ed shares tips about how networking can help you do this.… Continue Reading

LawBiz® Legal Pad: Why Marketing Matters for Lawyers, Part 2

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Ed shares some thoughts on electronic marketing and offers ideas on how traditional marketing can help you stand out in the crowd. -You are more likely to be remembered, thus contacted, if you reach people on a personal level. -Differentiating yourself will lead to increased : –calls by clients and prospects –meetings –calls from the… Continue Reading

Happy Labor Day

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During the Labor Day holiday, we spent some time traveling to several “food spots” in Los Angeles that were highlighted by the food editor of the Los Angeles Times.  One of them was Bulgarini Gelato, maker of one of the best gelato delights we have had; another was The Oinkster, serving pulled pork as good… Continue Reading

LawBiz® Legal Pad: Tips for Increased Revenue

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Ed offers 5 ways to increase your law firm’s revenue. 1. Emphasize collections. 2. Hire lateral lawyers to meet specific demands, a new practice area, a new need. 3. Leverage technology. 4. Create a cooperative compensation model that emphasizes the law firm as an institution. 5. Outsource functions that are better done by others. Delegate.… Continue Reading

Where does a golfer go to retire?

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At some point, you will say, “What kind of life do I want to live?”  In a recent article in the Los Angeles Times (Thursday, August 14, 2014), a retired “workaholic” entrepreneur said “’You cannot not have a plan when you retire.’” He turned to retirement; though he didn’t plan it that way, he traded… Continue Reading

Guest post: Lawyers on the move

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Nicole Black is an attorney in Rochester, New York, is the Director of Business Development at MyCase, a web-based law practice management platform, and is the ABA-published author of “Cloud Computing for Lawyers” and the co-author of “Social Media for Lawyers.”   There’s no doubt about it–21st century lawyers are on the move and are… Continue Reading

It’s not rocket science

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Some law firms are late to the starting gate.  Some firms continue to hang on to the "old ways" of running their practice.  There are only a few alternative paths: Hang on with the old and wait for the world to catch up, or change as the world changes, making the tough decisions on a… Continue Reading

State Bar: Friend or Foe?

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Jim Heiting, former president of the State Bar of California, commented on my article in LawBiz® Tips last week. He said, "I fully agree with your article about bar associations … and the new push to create more unemployment and less opportunity for the solo and small practitioner. Why not develop a [Bar] program that… Continue Reading

Blawg 100 Amici

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ABA Journal has just opened it’s 100 best legal blog list.  This is an annual list, compiled on the basis of votes by readers, of the best blogs that lawyers should know about.  If you enjoy my blawg, please follow this link to nominate it!  Of course, you can also vote for other blog authors… Continue Reading