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Innovation Does Not Occur in a Year

Posted in Management
Getting paid by the hour stresses us, according to Frank Partnoy. He says that "(i)nnovation doesn’t occur in a year or a quarter—and certainly not an hour. So why measure work in too-brief increments?" This is a novel rationale for moving toward the fixed or flat fee billing concept and away from hourly billing. During… Continue Reading

Blogging Power

Posted in Management
Verizon – Redux:  The power of blogging is apparent when Verizon calls me the day after my original post in this column about their service, or lack thereof, to ask how they can address the problems I raised.  I glad to say that the issues I raised have been resolved. The process, however, is fascinating… Continue Reading

When a lawyer needs a lawyer

Posted in Management
Have you committed negligence in representing a current client? Do you suspect you may have committed negligence in a current matter? Don’t talk about your mistakes with other lawyers in your firm! According to Richard Zitrin in his recent article in The Recorder, the courts have held that such internal discussions, even if used as… Continue Reading

Legal fees are high – according to whom?

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Management
In today’s Wall Street Journal,  staff writer, Jacqueline Palank discusses the Justice Department’s attempt to control fees that bankruptcy lawyers seek. Creditors and employees may, at times, be a bit disgruntled by such fees. So, now, the U.S. Trustee Program appears to be entering the fray. Before going further, it should be noted that i)… Continue Reading

“Caveat Emptor” Is No Way to Practice Law

Posted in Management, Marketing
In the Opinion section of today’s Wall Street Journal, two fellows from the Brookings Institute espouse their philosophy for deregulating the legal profession:  Let anyone practice law; whether they’ve gone through law school or not, and allow anyone to own a law firm. These are not new ideas, but the assertion that these ideas are… Continue Reading

Open Letter to Wall Street Journal – Dewey & LeBoeuf

Posted in Management
Letter to the Editor re Dewey LeBoeuf:  Your staff reporters, including Jennifer Smith, seem fixated on the Dewey law firm and its challenges. While one or two such articles would be of interest to both lawyers and your general readership, I suggest that recent articles have suggested nothing new and merely seem like “kicking a… Continue Reading

Imploding law firms

Posted in Management, Personal Thoughts
In current times, we are becoming more familiar with law firms imploding, collapsing and even going bankrupt, literally.  Wall Street  Journal and it’s reporter, Jennifer Smith, seem to be taking a great deal of pleasure in highlighting and repeatedly featuring the sad demise of the Dewey law firm. Dewey highlights the unfortunate interplay of bad… Continue Reading

Law market segmentation – It marches on

Posted in Management, Marketing, Technology
The Wall Street Journal, perhaps reflecting the concerns of its corporate readership, continues to emphasize what it considers to be the overpaid lawyers at the pinnacle of the profession.  In a recent article that had the less-than-subtle title, “Biggest Lawyers Grab Fee Bounty,” the Journal reported that partners in the top 25% of more than… Continue Reading

The Business of Law® confirmed again

Posted in Management, Marketing
Once again, it is confirmed that law practice is a business. As I’ve been saying since I received the registered mark for The Business of Law®,  law practice is a business. Yes, it’s a profession AND also a business, a service business.  Dewey & LeBoeuf confirms this.  This large, national law firm has just retained outside… Continue Reading

Law Practice Management Institute

Posted in Management, Marketing
The Law Practice Management Institute raised a number of issues and produced great discussion among the attendees.  Some of the issues in the first day were: Creating a marketing plan is important for success Alternative fee structures and billing modalities opened possibilities not previously considered Sending a satisfaction survey to clients helps maintain and build… Continue Reading

What are you going to do next?

Posted in Management
In a recent episode of Blue Blood, the granddaughter was lamenting that she didn’t support a friend in need as much as she thought she should have, and that her grandfather would be disappointed in her. An uncle (son of the grandfather) of the girl said "(Grandfather) would say that ‘its what you do next that… Continue Reading