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Blogging Power

Posted in Management
Verizon – Redux:  The power of blogging is apparent when Verizon calls me the day after my original post in this column about their service, or lack thereof, to ask how they can address the problems I raised.  I glad to say that the issues I raised have been resolved. The process, however, is fascinating… Continue Reading

Open By Chance!

Posted in Personal Thoughts
  While walking the streets of Missoula last week, we came upon a store. The sign in the window with the hours of operation concluded,  “… Saturdays by Chance …” Too many clients believe that lawyers are only “…open by chance.”  They know lawyers work hard, work long hours, and are generally not available to… Continue Reading

Posted in Videos
The real reason that clients refer their law firms is because they are satisfied with the service they receive. Good client service is responsible for about 46+% of all referrals.… Continue Reading

Seven Feathers

Posted in Marketing, Personal Thoughts
We’re in Canyonville, OR, at the Seven Feathers RV Park. This is the best RV park I’ve ever seen … and they claim to be among the top 4 in the country. What a way to end the day. We were staying in Yreka, CA, using that as a base to commute to Ashland, OR… Continue Reading