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Increasing price of legal services and technology as the antidote

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The number of new lawyers admitted to the bar was lower in 2014 than in 2013; in addition, law school admissions were considerably lower than in previous years. That suggests there will be fewer lawyers ready and able to fill the ranks of the Baby Boomers as they increasingly leave the practice. Prices to consumers… Continue Reading

Guest post: Lawyers on the move

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Nicole Black is an attorney in Rochester, New York, is the Director of Business Development at MyCase, a web-based law practice management platform, and is the ABA-published author of “Cloud Computing for Lawyers” and the co-author of “Social Media for Lawyers.”   There’s no doubt about it–21st century lawyers are on the move and are… Continue Reading

Professional Competence requires Technology Proficiency

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Visiting ALM LegalTech conference today was eye popping in both its simplicity and complexity. First, the simple:  D. Casey Flaherty, corporate counsel at Kia Motors America, suggests that law firms don’t need more software. They need to use their existing software more efficiently and effectively. What a concept. Reminds me of the scientists’ suggesting that… Continue Reading

Virtual lawyers in trouble?

Posted in Management, Technology
Virtual veterinarian faces a legal test in Texas. He moved his practice online and talked to distressed pet owners by email and telephone. He charged a flat fee, generally, and recommended treatment options. The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners suspended his license for violating the state law that prevents veterinarians from setting up… Continue Reading

iX 500 goes live today

Posted in Technology
Fujitsu introduces its new high speed, low cost scanner today. I have a model sitting on my desk and it’s the same small footprint of the model 1500 that it replaces. The new model is much faster, 25 pages per minute (ppm); I have to keep my eyes open – that’s how fast it is.… Continue Reading

Preserving social media

Posted in Management, Technology
In an earlier blog post, I talked about creating a digital estate plan.  A family law attorney speaks of preserving what you already have posted in social media. She suggests that taking down what you have posted in advance of litigation, family law or otherwise, may be the destruction of evidence and a crime! There… Continue Reading

Digital estate plan

Posted in Management, Technology
I’ve talked about a lawyer having an estate plan. I’ve talked about creating an estate plan for your law practice; this is an idea first generated by Ellen Peck, retired judge of the California State Bar Trial Court. Now, there is another estate plan to prepare: Digital. What are you going to do with all… Continue Reading

Can you live without your mobile toys?

Posted in Technology
77% of professional services mobile device users agree that their company would lose competitive ground without mobile devices. This, according to a survey conducted by CDW, distributor of computer and related equipment. Irrespective of the actual percentage, it is clear that mobile devices such as the mobile phone and new tablets, not to mention laptops,… Continue Reading

Technology drives new client service dynamic

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Electronic and computer technology enable lawyers to do more and better work in less time, but this creates a new service dynamic where clients continually demand to pay less for what they increasingly see as a commoditized service. Law firms must meet client needs through greater technology efficiencies. Not only does this seem obvious, it… Continue Reading

Credit:: Man’s confidence in man

Posted in Technology
Kevin Genirs, formerly with Lehman Bros. and now Global General Counsel, Investment Banking, Barclays Capital, was a keynote speaker at AML’s LegalTech West. He was reminiscing on some lessons from the demise of Lehman Bros. Several of his comments struck me, in particular: He set the stage by commenting on a statue that is in… Continue Reading

Law market segmentation – It marches on

Posted in Management, Marketing, Technology
The Wall Street Journal, perhaps reflecting the concerns of its corporate readership, continues to emphasize what it considers to be the overpaid lawyers at the pinnacle of the profession.  In a recent article that had the less-than-subtle title, “Biggest Lawyers Grab Fee Bounty,” the Journal reported that partners in the top 25% of more than… Continue Reading

Innovation in the legal world

Posted in Technology
The College of Law Practice Management now has applications available for entries for its legal innovations awards.  Check it out. The profession is changing. How will technology and improved management impact these changes?… Continue Reading

Technology continues to change the legal world

Posted in Technology
The tech show in Chicago is very interesting. Some of the items that I think deserve close attention are the new portable Fujitsu Scan Snap scanner. It’s light enough to go into the briefcase with no discernible problem. I love it and will get one. Another interesting item is netdocuments … it’s a case management… Continue Reading

Tips for Increased Revenue

Posted in Technology, Videos
Ed offers 5 ways to increase your law firm’s revenue. 1. Emphasize collections. 2. Hire lateral lawyers to meet specific demands, a new practice area, a new need. 3. Leverage technology. 4. Create a cooperative compensation model that emphasizes the law firm as an institution. 5. Outsource functions that are better done by others. Delegate.… Continue Reading