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Professional Competence requires Technology Proficiency

Posted in Management, Technology
Visiting ALM LegalTech conference today was eye popping in both its simplicity and complexity. First, the simple:  D. Casey Flaherty, corporate counsel at Kia Motors America, suggests that law firms don’t need more software. They need to use their existing software more efficiently and effectively. What a concept. Reminds me of the scientists’ suggesting that… Continue Reading

Lawyers for sale

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Management, Marketing
In today’s Wall Street Journal, the writer suggests that high priced lawyers are for sale, that is, that clients are pushing back and demanding lower fees irrespective of the stated hourly rates of their lawyers. The reporter’s perspective is skewed only to the larger law firms, “Big Law.”  Small firm and sole practitioners have always… Continue Reading

Innovation Does Not Occur in a Year

Posted in Management
Getting paid by the hour stresses us, according to Frank Partnoy. He says that "(i)nnovation doesn’t occur in a year or a quarter—and certainly not an hour. So why measure work in too-brief increments?" This is a novel rationale for moving toward the fixed or flat fee billing concept and away from hourly billing. During… Continue Reading

Law Practice Management Institute

Posted in Management, Marketing
The Law Practice Management Institute raised a number of issues and produced great discussion among the attendees.  Some of the issues in the first day were: Creating a marketing plan is important for success Alternative fee structures and billing modalities opened possibilities not previously considered Sending a satisfaction survey to clients helps maintain and build… Continue Reading

Lawyers again chastised for their billing!

Posted in Management, Marketing
 In a December issue of the Wall Street Journal, the headline implies that lawyers are making far too much money in a Delaware case. This, despite the unheralded reduction in their fee request. But, it’s easy too trash lawyers, and good headline writers (a special art in writing) are brilliant in getting readers to pick… Continue Reading