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Managing teams of skilled professionals gathered on the fly

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Coaching, In The News, Services, Technology
Years ago, seeking to address an RFP (request for proposal) of a large prospective client, I assembled a team of skilled specialists. I was flattered that they all said “yes” to joining me, knowing only me and the prospective client. None of us, individually, could have met the client’s needs. We trusted one another enough… Continue Reading

This is Not the time to walk away from your client

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Coaching, In The News, Management, Personal Thoughts, Services
From 2000 to 2007, over 42,000 legal malpractice lawsuits were reported to liability (malpractice) insurers, according to the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Lawyers Professional Liability. This committee segregated 21 root causes of negligence across all practice areas. Only one such root cause accounted for over 10% of the total claims. “… This root… Continue Reading

“Selling” is an essential for all professionals

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Management, Marketing, Services
“Marketing” is no longer only for the rarefied equity partner. Quinn Emanuel, a major law firm, announced it will require Associates and Of Counsel attorneys to actively participate in at least one marketing effort during the year. There is skepticism among marketing personnel, and even lawyers, how effective such a requirement will be. It would… Continue Reading

Service is still the name of the game

Posted in In The News, Management, Marketing, Personal Thoughts, Services, Technology
A New York consulting firm recently conducted a survey and found that eight of the top 10 companies that no longer provided extraordinary support for their products and services for technology companies. Companies like Samsung, Apple and others apparently are appealing to a younger audience that is not accustomed to having handholding as an element… Continue Reading

Purchasing a Lamborghini is easier than purchasing a house

Posted in Management, Marketing, Personal Thoughts, Services
Achieving success in business—including, of course, the business of law—is an art. The artist (lawyer) must create a scene on a canvas (atmosphere) that draws in clients, making clients want to immerse themselves in that canvas. Last night, I was talking with a friend and venting about the paperwork requiring signatures in order for us… Continue Reading

Legal Coaching

Posted in Services
No Olympian athlete has won gold without a coach. So why should attorneys have to do it alone? Tap into nationally-renowned law firm strategist and author of guides to practical profit, Ed Poll, for personal, private coaching that will yield Olympic results. Many of our clients increase their revenue by five or six figures, that’s… Continue Reading

Legal Consulting

Posted in Services
Nationally recognized law firm strategist and best-selling author of practical guides to profit, Ed Poll, helps attorneys and law firms: Bring in new business Attract higher quality cases and clients Deliver legal services more effectively and efficiently Each law firm’s issues are varied and unique, so it is veritably impossible to list the many ways… Continue Reading

Keynote Speaking and Training Seminars

Posted in Services
Ed Poll is a noted member of the National Speakers Association and regularly presents keynote speeches and seminars for law firm retreats, conferences, individual clients, bar associations and other organizations. Ed’s practical wisdom comes from his twenty-five years of experience as a law firm chief operating officer, corporate general counsel, government prosecutor, sole practitioner and… Continue Reading

Law Firm Retreats

Posted in Services
Law firm retreats and conferences are unique times for partners to confront tough issues, change the firm’s direction, focus on a strategic plan, and/or develop a consensus. A successfully custom-designed retreat can achieve more than you hoped to get done in an entire month. Ed Poll’s practical, broad years of experience on all sides of… Continue Reading

Buying a Law Practice

Posted in Services
Many attorneys are opting to what is common in other professions: buying an existing practice rather than starting from scratch. An existing business has a history of sales, revenue and operation costs and–despite what many think–studies show that, in spite of new ownership, customers of an existing business tend to continue their purchasing habits. The… Continue Reading

Selling a Law Practice

Posted in Services
Your law firm is worth more than its books, computers, furniture, and accounts receivable, and more than 40 states now recognize this asset. Whether you are large firm looking to merge, retire or break up, or whether you are a small firm looking to take advantage of the changes in ethic rules over the past… Continue Reading