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Managing teams of skilled professionals gathered on the fly

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Coaching, In The News, Services, Technology
Years ago, seeking to address an RFP (request for proposal) of a large prospective client, I assembled a team of skilled specialists. I was flattered that they all said “yes” to joining me, knowing only me and the prospective client. None of us, individually, could have met the client’s needs. We trusted one another enough… Continue Reading

This is Not the time to walk away from your client

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Coaching, In The News, Management, Personal Thoughts, Services
From 2000 to 2007, over 42,000 legal malpractice lawsuits were reported to liability (malpractice) insurers, according to the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Lawyers Professional Liability. This committee segregated 21 root causes of negligence across all practice areas. Only one such root cause accounted for over 10% of the total claims. “… This root… Continue Reading

Are you cheating yourself?

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Coaching, Management
The business cycle consists of three elements:  marketing to get the new client and retain the old client; production to produce and deliver the legal service, advice and/or documents; and finance to collect your billings and operate your firm.  The first two tend to be the focus of most lawyers.  Billings and collections tend to… Continue Reading


Posted in Coaching, In The News, Management
The conduct of lawyers, not just litigators, continues to go “south.” Why is this? Have the teachings of our mothers and fathers gone unheeded? Or, in this more litigious world, and the greater incidence of divorce (most of which is with great conflict), do manners, good taste and just plain “niceness” go out the window?… Continue Reading

Who Is “Worthy” of Being Helped?

Posted in Coaching, Management
In a recent article, the writer describes a twist in medical fees. A specialist, in this case a cardiologist, is charging a premium retainer fee for accessibility. That’s access, not treatment! The levels of service created by the cardiologist are $7,500 per year for “concierge” service, $1,800 for “premier” status, and $500 for “select” status.… Continue Reading

Stress can be a killer

Posted in Coaching, Management, Personal Thoughts
Dr. Oz, the popular television medic, recently said that high blood pressure is the "silent killer." Stress, he said, is one of the major causes of high blood pressure. Lawyers I talk with almost universally tell me about the stress under which they labor. Because of this, I am on the lookout for ways that… Continue Reading

Resolve to get “there”

Posted in Coaching, Management
How do we get from here to there? Jim Collins, in his Good to Great, describes CEOs with many different styles, but all successfully leading their companies to the pinnacles of success. How do we do that for ourselves? Is wanting something enough? Is the intention to be great, to be successful, to be rich… Continue Reading

Mentoring Lawyers

Posted in Coaching, Management
I’ve talked about internships for lawyers. We’ve discussed articling in Canada. And now I find out that the State of Georgia has a mandatory mentoring program for brand new lawyers. Perhaps we’re not so far away from the internship process. On the other hand, since Georgia has been working this path for quite a few… Continue Reading

Your response time sucks!

Posted in Coaching, Management
My frustration level has been exceeded!  How about yours?  Have you had dealings with vendors who fail to respond to your reasonable inquiries and requests?  Have you had appointments (doctors and lawyers are the stereotypical examples) that have kept you waiting beyond the stated appointment time? If you’re a lawyer or other professional reading this,… Continue Reading

Learn from the greats

Posted in Coaching, Management, Personal Thoughts
As a member of the National Speakers Association, I had the learning opportunity to participate with several of the great voices of our generation. Marshall Goldsmith, who coaches more than 50 of the top 100 CEOs of corporate America, commented on several psychological observations that I found interesting: What we do at home, we do… Continue Reading

Coaching lawyers to accept success

Posted in Coaching
Some lawyers say they barely have enough time to meet their professional and personal obligations, and that new business would put them further behind.  Other lawyers fear that new business would rob them of the flexibility to pursue a schedule and pace that they control and prize as solos.  These lawyers  believe that setting limits… Continue Reading

Coaching — It’s importance never declines

Posted in Coaching
When lawyers ask me about coaching, and its value, I frequently talk about sports as a metaphor that we can all understand. I use examples such as Lance Armstrong (cycling), Michelle Kwan (figure skating) and others. In this time of year when football is the dominant sport of interest, Tom Brady, New England Patriot quarterback,… Continue Reading

Coaching produces incredible ROI

Posted in Coaching
Larry Bodine  relates his success story for marketing / business development coaching. Getting paid only $24,000, his efforts helped a firm increase their billings by $1 million. Congratulations Larry … and congratulations to the firm for their understanding the value / benefits of coaching.… Continue Reading