Tips for talking with the media

At a recent trade conference, an editor for a leading legal publication made the following points about dealing with the media:

  • Read the publication before you decide to reach out to it.
  • Have a relationship with the publication before contacting it.
  • Choose your messenger with care.
  • Don’t paper the publication with junk press releases.
  • If you are called to participate in a survey and choose not to do so, give notice to the publication that you’re opting out of a survey.
  • Know the time restrictions and deadlines of reporters who call you for a story.
  • Use your most likeable and articulate people to pitch a story idea.
  • Always assume you’re on the record why you’re talking to the press.
  • Realize you’re not in control of the reporter or the story.
  • Don’t lie.

These are very good points to remember when dealing with the press!


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