Marketing plan – What works and what doesn’t

Here’s some sage advice for the end of the year from Rod Sloane, a marketing consultant in England who writes Solicitors Marketing Tips:

Here is an idea I heard a long time ago. Can’t remember where I read it, but I want to pass it on to you. The end of the year is a good time to evaluate how your marketing has worked for you.
Make a list of five things you do to market yourself, your department or your whole law firm. Do them in the order of what has worked best. Which activities bring in the most profitable new clients, develops most referral sources or generates the most enquiries. Your list might read something like:
1.Networking with other professionals and referral sources
2. Seminars
3.Web Sites

Cross the bottom two off the list.

Now you need to be ruthless, this is no time for sentiment or favorites. Stop doing them. Now, put the money you’ve invested in the bottom two back in the top three performers. What happens if your Web Site is not in your top three? Should you abandon it? Almost certainly not, but it does mean that your web site is in casualty and needs urgent attention.


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