Collecting Your Fee — Or, Take My Wife, Please

A new approach to collecting your fees, that is, those fees that have already been billed but are languishing in the aged accounts receivable file, was suggested by Sean Carter.

His wife wanted to refurbish their house and he thought he had a clever way around agreeing … Tell her to collect the outstanding bills and she could have anything she wanted! A novel approach, indeed.

Sean highlights, in a humorous way, one of the most significant challenges facing today’s law firm: Collecting Your Fee.

Another significant challenge that comes before collecting is billing. Studies have shown that unless the lawyer bills his/her time as she/he proceeds through the day, there is a minimum 10 to 15% loss of revenue. Couple that loss with the further loss by having a realization rate on collecting that is less than 100% and you have a most deplorable situation.

With diligence and a greater focus on self-interest, the lawyer can increase his revenue and earn that to which he/she is legitimately entitled — and the client agreed to pay!


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