Negotiating tips from Alan Weiss

One of the best consultants I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from has put together several tips on negotiating:

– Start from a very strong position and work your way down from there. Surprisingly, your strong position may be accepted as is. That applies to payment terms, fee levels, etc.
– Understand your “musts” and don’t sacrifice them for mere “wants.” Give in on the discretionary things, fight to the finish on the critical things.
Listen more than you talk. Don’t attempt to fill silences.
– Try not to go one-on-ten. Negotiate with one person, not a team if at all possible. Otherwise, you’ll have a roomful of people trying to impress each other at your expense.
Don’t burn bridges. This is business, don’t take it personally. Neither gloat nor pout, do not celebrate or seek revenge. Move on.

Suggested Reading: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

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