A new Jack Welch

See the current issue of Newsweek with Jack Welch on the cover. This is the hard-nosed leader who “created” GE, who became the idol of all M.B.A. graduates and was titled, The Guru of Modern Business.” Now, Mr. Welch is talking about the Balance of Life!

I find it interesting that folks who have already made their fortune, and no longer need to work, talk about a “balance of life.”

I find it equally interesting that it is generally large firm lawyers who talk about how unseemly it is to “sell” or “market” legal services and vote to use the rules of professional conduct to make it unethiccal to advertise and otherwise solicit for new clients.

Yet, it is the law firms of these very same lawyers that use entertainmnet and other traditional means of marketing to get their business. What’s wrong with this picture?


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