Manage your priorities, not your time

If you want to be successful by choice not by chance, you have to arrange your priorities in such a way that you have time to do the necessary outreach, the necessary article writing, the necessary speaking, the necessary networking and the like in order to let the world know that you exist. Beyond just existing, the world must know what you do; and beyond just what you do (a features element), the world must know what you can do for them (benefit orientation). One way to implement this is to do is look at your calendar, reserve one or one and a half hours three or four times a week for these efforts.

Yes, this does cost something. But, realistically, you are leveraging skills of others at a cost of $X and charging that work out at your billable rate. The profit to you is substantial ($Y-$X) while at the same time getting something done that is very important to your future pipeline of work.


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