Support for “Profitable Law Office Handbook”

Tom Kane, yesterday on his very fine blog, said nice things about our book, “The Profitable Law Office Handbook.”

“I have seen the table of contents of the workbook and it looks pretty darn good, and very well organized. No, I still have not been offered a cut to recommend it. But, I do. Now, how about it, Ed?”

Tom, thanks for making referrals to our book — it’s part of the series that has been called “the Bible for running a law practice.” I know you respect my objectivity, and I yours. Thus, it would be difficult to give you a piece of the action … it would appear as a bribe! And I know, as a marketing guru, you understand the importance of appearances. Too bad our politicians don’t listen to you … they would understand the importance of appearances and then might actually do what they say they will do. What a novel concept that is!

To my readers: I again recommend that you check out Tom’s blog. It’s well worth your reading.


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