Should I use Dragon Naturally Speaking?

The question is being asked of me: Should I go back to using digital transcription or should I get the latest version of Dragon Naturally Speaking? (Note: I’m frustrated with Miscrosoft’s version and am ready to throw out my computer because of it!)

Answer: I can’t say whether to go Dragon or digital .. The Dragon system requires training, a time intensive effort. But, I’m finding that it gets better every time I take the time to do training, which means correcting the system to properly reflect the words I dictated.

For me, this is more difficult and takes more “training” time because my dictation is conversational without punctuation, etc. I’m recording of some of my interviews and other informal communications.

Those people who are more systematic than I and who include punctuation are far more accurate than I with less training required.

As for Digital, it is expensive … Dragon is not so expensive, once you get yourself set up …

I’m pleased that I invested the time and money to get Dragon. In the long run, this will be less expensive, in my opinion.

Note: I was pleased that I engaged a consultant to sit with me and teach me how to train the software. That was immensely helpful and worth the investment.


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