Are lawyers more or less ethical than taxi companies?

A further thought on this subject:

There seems to be something amiss here. Are lawyers ahead or behind the business curve? Are we more or less ethical than taxi companies?

The answer to the question turns on the agreement between the taxi company and its passengers on the one hand, and the agreement between the lawyer and client on the other. In the first case, taxi companies charge a fixed fee, not one based on time. In the latter case, our agreements generally are based on time, rather than a fixed fee or a value-based formula.

The real question is: Why are lawyers ignoring the business model adopted by almost all, if not all, other professions and trades? They determine a fee or formula that is not based on time! Therefore, they can earn (profit) more for their service or product when they become more efficient. The more efficient lawyers become, in our current business model, the harder they have to work to earn the same money as before.

There is something wrong with this result!

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