Principle of delegation

Question: How do I create my own blog?

Answer: Hire someone! The expense is far less than the time spent (no matter how easy with TypePad or other tools) which will take you away from other marketing activities.

Delegation is a principle by which I live. I want to do those things that only I can do, like coaching, consulting and marketing for more work. Other things that I need done can be done (and usually better) by someone else.

If you think of the creation of a blog or other web machinations as working in the garden, i.e., your time away from the office, then so be it. Mine is cycling. I get little enough time to do that … but if I did the other things myself, then I would get no cycling and always complaining about being overworked.

The issue of cash flow is important. But, if I can market for new business, I usually can get a client (with their cash flow) before or soon after I have to pay for the service I’ve delegated/ contracted to someone else.

Again, just my $.02 worth ….


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