Word Perfect vs. Word ….. again

I recently responded to a comment on Technolawyer, suggesting that WordPerfect is still a powerful word processor. And the argument that our clients use Word is no longer sufficient to migrate to Word. We work with WP, save as an .rtf (Word) or even better, a .pdf file. Then send that file, all the while having created the document in WP.

… this is one response to my comment:

“I just had to say Bravo for your succinct comments on WP v Word. As a WP advocate who does not “get” Word and finds it anything but intuitive, your comments made the most sense of any I’ve heard. It’s a cost benefit analysis. And like you, I can readily convert from one format to another when the need arises. I also try to send out everything as a secured PDF regardless, as I don’t want others to mess with my documents.”



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