Friday the 13th — Make it the best

Here’s a note from Terry Brock, a techie guru from Florida. Great advice, Terry:

The Power of “Not Yet”

There is real power in having a “spongy mind.” You know what I mean. It means having a mind that is always learning, growing and seeking to add new information to your personal database.

This was illustrated so beautifully in the movie, “The Matrix” (the first movie) in the scene where Trinity and Neo were talking about flying the helicopter. Neo looked at Trinity and asked if she knew how to fly the helicopter. Her answer was brilliant. “Not yet!” she confidently answered. Then she called up the operator who could download a program into her brain so she could then fly it—and she did!

You and I can do similar things in the real world (our real world—if you are a believer in making powerful life-changing results work). Find the skills you need. Get the audio, video and personal training necessary to do what you need. Get the books. Voraciously and aggressively embark on your own personal learning and knowledge acquisition quest.

Your biggest impediment is your own willingness to embrace change and adopt an attitude that you can do it. So, if someone asks you if you can do a certain task like perform a computer operation or speak a language or do anything that you could do but just haven’t got the skills for—remember that magic phrase, “Not yet!” Then aggressively embark on getting the tools necessary to make it happen! Be willing to pay the price to get the knowledge. Time, money and effort are required to accomplish anything worthwhile. Pay that price and make it happen for those things that matter most to you.

By the way, it is 4:49 am as I type this on Friday the 13th (January in 2006). Today is going to be a great day. Every Friday the 13th in my life has been incredibly good. Today will be no exception. I can’t wait to see what good things are going to happen to me today. Make it a great Friday the 13th for you also!


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