Mirth comes from the strangest of places

Dr. Terry Paulsen, well-known speaker on corporate change, has started his new e-zine with the following gems, among others:

Today’s mirthful moment comes compliments of Dr. Loren Ekroth.

The Washington Post asked for names for cafeterias or other rooms in particular places. Enjoy:

The ladies’ room at Buckingham Palace: The Royal Wee
The dental clinic at the Department of Homeland Security: The Cavity Search
At an Internet company: The Dotcommissary
At Warner Bros. Animation: What’s Sup, Doc?
At Enron: The Company Mess
At the IRS: The Pound of Flesh
Ladies’ room at the FAA: The No Fly Zone
…When you keep your eyes open for mirth, you just may find it! Hope this kicks off your morning and helps get your mood adjusted for the week. Now, get busy MAKING CHANGE WORK and have some fun along the way!…


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