You must first win! Then we’ll talk about communication and budgeting

In this InHouse Counsel issue, the writer describes a Georgia program. Outside counsel took the “hot seat” and listened to the complaints of corporate general counsel.

Some of the issues raised are:

– Why outside firms are slow to send invoices but lightning-quick to demand payment.

– Why outside lawyers don’t understand the business models and corporate culture of their clients.

– Why outside firms are unwilling to bend on price.

Then there was the matter of getting hired and staying hired. Charles J. Kalil, general counsel of The Dow Chemical Co., said one factor for assessing an outside law firm stood head and shoulders above all others.”

… That factor is winning! This should not be a big surprise, though many of my comments in the past have merely assumed that the quality of the representation was not in issue. Here, Kalil is putting it on the line, saying that first you must win the case, then we’ll talk about communication and budgeting and the other niceties!


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