Microsoft Enterprise

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the “big folks” from MS while at the ABA‘s TechShow in Chicago at a great dinner thrown by techie, RossKodner.

We were talking about some of MS’s new adventures … One of the items of discussion was their search engine efforts ….

Following is some of their thoughts on the subject. See their websit for more and look for more releases in the near future.

“During 2006 both SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2007 and Windows Vista will be released further improving the search functionality available today. This end-to-end search capability for the enterprise enables rich search scenarios that are familiar with the experiences our customers are accustomed to. This vision provides information workers and IT managers with a seamless set of software and products that deliver accurate, timely, and actionable results from desktop, Intranet, and Internet sites, including individuals who have domain expertise associated with the search topic. Individual and organizational productivity is improved by connecting people with the right information and experts while they work.”


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