Podcasting — for useful insights

Our goal with everything we do at LawBiz is to be the first stop in your search for content of value that will help you with The Business of Law�� and improve the management of your firm.

Our latest tool to do that is the introduction of LawBiz Podcasts. Our Podcasts started May 1, 2006, and are the natural successor to our unique Law Practice Management Review: Audio Magazine for Busy Attorneys first released in October 1994 and produced each month thereafter for 11 years.

Why Podcasts? Because, as technology advances, lawyers incorporate it into their practices. I began the Audio Magazine as cassette tapes when most cars had in-dash players, and lawyers would simply pop in a tape and listen during their commute. About a year ago, we switched to the CD format. Now, with iPods and other MP3 players found everywhere, downloadable audio files are the best way to reach you and be part of your busy schedule.

Each Podcast lasts approximately 25 minutes, and the file (approximately six megabytes) can be downloaded directly from our web site. Our Podcasts can also be found at our blog. The first two Podcasts are available at both sites.

Scott Rockfeld, Group Product Manager for Microsoft, discussed MS’s new product, OneNote, that helps to capture and organize all your random thoughts, to-do’s and miscellaneous ideas in one searchable electronic storage system.

Patrick J. Lamb, Partner in Butler Rubin Saltarelli & Boyd LLP, a Chicago litigation firm, explains how “value added billing,” a concept we’ve long advocated, helps you focus your services on the core competencies that mean the most to your clients.

Should you have a challenge or topic of concern that you would like us to address in our Podcasts, or if you want to offer comments or recommendations for improvement, please contact me by email (edpoll@lawbiz.com) or phone (800-837-5880). I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, happy listening . . . .


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