Marketing is not a 4 letter word

The suggestion was made recently that marketing is a “dirty” business and many attorneys refuse to do it. My response is …

My definition of marketing is very broad, and is not limited to advertising, public relations, etc.

My definition suggests that marketing is persuading people of the validity of one’s ideas … E.g., that I’m a good consultant and coach and, therefore, worth the investment; that my case is meritorious and the jury ought to render a verdict in favor of my client; that my wife should follow my directions because they will get her where she wants to go faster and more directly, etc.

Granted this is very broad … and it is consistent with the notion that marketing conveys facts that permit a person in need with the information necessary to make an intelligent decision.

The bottom line (or, as I was told in my visit to New York yesterday, “… at the end of the day …”) is that we all are marketing all the time. The issue is not whether we market (or should market), but rather whether we are marketing well or poorly.


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