Vanity postage

According to Business Week, PhotStamps was one of the most innovative and exciting products for 2005. The US Postal Service annually receives 40,000 requests/submissions for new stamps and approves 35. However, the USPS approved a one year test for personalized stamps.

Since May 2005, the USPS approved 3 vanity stamp vendors,, and  More than 6 million pieces of mail have personalized stamps. And, watch out for the holiday season later this year! The cost increase appears to be about $.46 per stamp for a total of approximately $.85 instead of $.39.  For the correct branding effort, that doesn’t seem to be such a large investment.

Creating a personalized stamp can differentiate your firm.

Using existing USPS products with ingenuity can also create a method of differentiating your law firm from others. For example, using an existing stamp that features an icon or photo that is aligned with your practice area, coupled with a compatibly designed return-address envelope (rather than the traditional black and white, plain text envelope), can  enhance and differentiate the image of the firm.

The whole point of marketing is to make an impression, to communicate a positive differentiation and to cause the prospective client to remember you when they have a need for your services. Using the USPS, like the telephone, may be among the least expensive marketing tools available, requiring only creativity!


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