Does size of law firm change marketing efforts for lawyers?

The question was asked, "What is the difference in the marketing activities of large and small firm lawyers?"

To be effective, irrespective of the size of the law firm or the firm’s  marketing activities as a whole, each lawyer must establish his/her expertise to entice a prospect to become a client
. This is done in many ways including, but not limited to (the former lawyer in me just came out), writing, speaking, using the internet and sometimes advertising (in any medium that is cost effective), among other modalities. And, with this expertise, each lawyer must create a personal relationship with the prospect before he/she becomes a client.

Marketing for small law firm attorneys is no different than for large law firm attorneys. Large law firm practitioners must market individually just as small law firm practitioners do. A large law firm has a staff of people devoted to helping individual lawyers in the firm and individual practice groups; this is absent from most small law firms.  There is thus expertise available inside large firms  that  will have to be  hired from the outside by small firms.

While some believe they are not marketing oriented or skilled, I believe  everyone can market, and should market, more than they do … But, people have to stay within their "comfort zone" and do the things that come naturally, within their zone of comfort.  Reviewing successful CEOs confirms that no one personality is the only type of personality that will successfully run a company. Likewise, there is no one personality that can be a rainmaker and successfully bring in business  to a firm.  Everyone is capable of bringing business into the firm.  Many times, in my coaching lawyers, the focus becomes learning what the "comfort zone" is for the attorney and demonstrating to the attorney that he/she can work within that zone of comfort.  Once the attorney understands this zone and what activities are appropriate within this zone, they are off and running, contributing to the firm in ways not previously contemplated.

A second question, to be answered more fully another time:   "Can you determine an ROI for marketing?"  I believe the answer is "yes," although the return may not be visible for each activity and may not be visible in the time frame desired, i.e., right now!


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