Law School Doesn’t Teach Lawyers How to Practice Law

August 15, 2006
Venice, CA


Law school does not teach lawyers how to effectively interact with clients; law school does not teach lawyers how to efficiently practice law; law school doesn’t teach lawyers how to become good rainmakers or make money! “These skills are learned, if at all, from the ‘School of Hard Knocks!’” according to law practice management coach and consultant, Ed Poll.

Gordon Bava, former managing partner of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, says “…scholars have generally ignored this important sector of our economy (managing a law firm) … Neither law schools nor bar associations offer, let alone require, practice management courses to receive a degree or a license to practice. (More Secrets of the Business of Law®) helps to fill the void.”

Noted law practice management expert, Ed Poll, J.D., M.B.A., CMC announced today that More Secrets of the Business of Law® is now available. This new book is a companion to the original, best selling Secrets of the Business of Law®, first published in 1998.

This volume addresses issues which include starting new client relationships on the right foot, finance and profitability, staff, technology and practice planning and management, among other topics.

Poll said, “We are excited to introduce more information which enables thousands of lawyers to practice more efficiently and effectively. Almost 70% of the entire private practice bar really have no guide to help them through the maze of doing business as a professional service provider.” Poll has spent years defining and refining practice management skills and now makes them available to other lawyers as a coach, consultant, author and speaker.

More Secrets of the Business of Law® recognizes that lawyers are so focused on fixing the problems presented by clients that they forget their own best business interests. Lawyers can achieve increased revenue and profit by focusing on The Business of Law®! Poll also addresses these issues for lawyers in his speaking engagements and provides expert consulting and coaching services.

LawBiz Management Co. consults with and coaches lawyers and law firms throughout the United States, Mexico and England. Poll is a Board Approved (SAC®) Coach to the Legal Profession and a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management. For more information, contact Ed Poll at or call (800) 837-5880; also, please see and



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