Look for invisible opportunities – These will set you apart from the crowd

I recently attended the National Speakers Association’s annual conference in Orlando, FL, representing the Los Angeles chapter as its current president.

One of my colleagues, Sandra Shrift, described her “take-aways” from the conference. I echo her thoughts:

“We were stretched, entertained, inspired and moved to action. Here are my top nine take-aways:

 1.    Take the risk to be different.
 2.    What is your noble purpose? What legacy do you want to leave?
 3.    Focus on the bigger picture. You will fall down; get up and start again.
 4.    Belief comes before behavior. When you have a belief the behavior will come.
 5.    Look for the solution, not the problem.
 6.    People don’t fail, they give up.
 7.    "Learn to see invisible opportunities when other people see limitations."
 9.    "The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return." (song, "Nature Boy")" ______________


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