NY advertising prohibition rules causing quite a stir

Larry Bodine discusses a recent case  where a lawyer’s faxes were held to violate NY’s advertising prohibitions.  NY is considering even more stringent rules than currently exist.

However, reading between the lines, I suspect it is no so much NY rules about advertising that were violated, but rather the federal act against unsolicited faxes … and the fact that this same attorney was found guilty in 2004 of virtually the same offense by the same judge.

I don’t know about you, but I would think this defendant should know better … or should not complain if he seeks to be the guinea pig … Of course, I didn’t read that he is appealing the decision. So, perhaps he believes that any notoriety is good notoriety … and his being sued gets him far more press than he could on his own … and he will benefit from that.  Not exactly the way I would encourage my clients to market!


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