Airplane air is “dirty”

USA Today reports today that Boeing’s Dreamline 787 will have better cabin air when released in 2008. Until then, we have to suffer air that makes passengers dizzy, fatigued and induces headaches.

Did you know that today’s cabin air comes from the plane’s jet engines? The new 787 system will draw air from the outside. The outside air is cold, dry and clean at cruising altitude, according to the article. But, we can’t have that until 2008!

25% of the current U.S. commercial fleet does not have special air filters that remove most dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses. While we get little protection in the other 75% of the fleet, we get no protection from this 25%. So, if you get sick after leaving your flight, you may not have to look further than the airplane that transported you to your destination.


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