Would you do business with yourself?

Roberta Munson asks some great questions, prompted by her less than exemplary experience with a cell phone company:

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you look at ways to improve your operations:

    •     Do new customers get better deals than customers who have stuck with me through thick and thin?
    •    Are my customer service positions staffed adequately to ensure my customers are actually being serviced?
    •    How satisfied do my customers feel when they have completed their transaction with my company?
    •    Are our customer service reps empowered to delight our customers?
    •    Do we spend more time picking out the window treatments for our office than we do on developing a hiring profile that will ensure the hiring of quality personnel?
    •    If given a choice, would I do business with my own company?

This last question is key — Looking at the picture with an objective eye, would you do business with a law firm that treats its clients the way you treat yours?


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