Travel tips

Top 5 travel trends for 2006, according to one source:

1.   Printing boarding passes before leaving home. Most airlines now allow 24 hours advance check-in via the internet. Helps adance to security check-in more quickly when you have only carry-on baggage.

2.   Using luggage shipment services. I first heard about UPS doing this. Now, there are some 17 such services that will take luggage from house or office directly to your hotel room. Sure makes travel easier, though more costly.

3.    Focusing on one hotel group. With hotel chains growing by merger, this becomes easier to do … and the loyalty points that one accumulates results in increased perks, freebies and customization.

4.   Showering at the airport is a nuance I have yet to see. But, I’m told that elite airport lounges do provide this. For a weary traveler, this might be just the difference needed.

5.   For the international traveler who flies business or first class, and can’t sleep sitting up, check the international carriers who are providing lie-flat beds with blankets or quilts.

On the one hand, it’s becoming more difficult, stressful and expensive to travel. On the other hand, there are new and pleasantly creative features that are cropping up for the business traveler. 


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