People: The key to success

In a Business Week article, Campbell Soup CEO, Doug Conant, was featured. Among the tactics he discussed that has caused greater success for the company is his emphasis on the employees of the company.

Four tactics, in particular, are the keys for him:
1.    Uses his personal touch
He’s sent out 16,000 personal thank-you notes to employees since he became CEO in 2001;
2.    Sets expectations for each manager
Every manager must meet quarterly with their supervisor to update their progress on clearly articulated goals;
3.    Opens himself up to opinions from staff at all levels of the company
Every six weeks, the CEO has lunch with a dozen employees to hear about challenges and get feedback;
4.    Creates opportunities for staff at all levels of the company
The CEO created a CEO Institute to educate staff and encourages them to seek elevation to higher positions in the company.

What can you learn from his approach that would work in your law firm?


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