Why Airlines Keep Losing Your Baggage

Do you travel frequently? Do you check your baggage? If yes, then you are a likely target for the baggage gremlin!

The Wall Street Journal, in yesterday’s Personal Journal, discusses the reasons for lost baggage and, more importantly, the payout various airlines are willing to offer for the lost articles in the luggage. Carrier and destination are factors to consider. Read it and weep!

Lessons to be learned:
1.   Carry with you on the plane all those items you will need in the next 24 hours … This includes toiletries, medicines, paperwork and clothing if you’ll be making a presentation.

2.   Carry on as much as you can. Do not, if possible, subject yourself to the vagaries of the inept baggage handling systems of the airlines. These systems are older, over-worked and, under today’s strains caused by "homeland security," overtaxed … to the breaking point.

3.   Fly lightExtend the time you might otherwise wear clothing; bring clothing you can wash and dry quickly; locate a cleaners near your hotel or other destination that is capable of fast turnaround. 

4.    Use resources other than the airlines for heavier baggage. Send a bag ahead by UPS, FedEx or other carrier that has a reputation for performing and has a good tracking system to know where your baggage might be at any point in time.

Planning ahead will reduce stress and heighten your enjoyment of your trips, both work assignments and  vacations.

Traveling used to be fun. Now, safe travel requires forethought and planning.


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