Retreats – one way to unite law firms

Lawyers Weekly Massachusetts, in its February 12th edition, carries the Coach’s Column. This week, the column discusses the importance of communicating amongst the lawyers in the firm, that is if they want to stay together … and be more successful! One way to achieve this goal is to conduct a retreat, sometimes called an advance!

Why do we use the word "retreat"?  Why not say "advance?" Or a better term such as "review" or the like?

Perhaps it has something to with the saying, "One step backward and two steps forward."  Initially we move in a direction that appears to be a retreat in order to prepare to move forward beyond the point from whence we began. Rather than look at the entire process, we look only at the first step, which looks like a retreat … When done correctly, we actually gather our strength and resources to blast through the point  of origin.

Whatever term we use, communication is essential and the need to get everyone on the team, thinking the same way with the same goals in mind in order to achieve the next level of success projected.


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