Time change — BEWARE

We prepared for Y2K. Nothing untoward happened. Apparently, no one prepared for the early time change. While I suspected that there was something awry in my Outlook calendar, I wasn’t sure until today when I missed an appointment. This recurring appointment was displayed one hour later than originally scheduled!

The real issue seems to be in the "recurring" events, those events that occur the same time on a daily or weekly basis.

I thought MS patch dealt with these Outlook issues. Apparently, for the three weeks involved, this didn’t happen. Check your "recurring" appointments. Manually set appointments do not seem to be affected. So, now, I’ve manually fixed all my appointments, even the recurring ones  … and may even rely on paper/pencil calendar for awhile. Be sure to check your system on a daily basis.  Again, check it when the three weeks are over and yet again in the Fall.


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