Fraudulent cashier’s checks

I must have been naive, but I always thought cashier’s checks meant that the money represented by the check was segregated by the bank and awaited deposit to give the bearer the funds. It seems that isn’t necessarily true, as it turns out. But, the real fraud is committed by the criminal mind in counterfeiting those cashier’s checks, something I didn’t think possible.

If you are the victim of a fraudulent check scam, and you believe the check is counterfeit, banks advise the following:
1.   Contact the issuing bank to report receipt of the check and to verify authenticity. Do not use the telephone number on the check as it is likely to be associated with the scam artist.
2.   Also notify the following:
    a.   Scams, generally:  FTC (1-877–HELP or file an electronic complaint at
    b.   Internet-based scams:  FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center:
    c.   Mail-based scams:  U.S. Postal Inspector Service by telephone at 1-888-877-7644 or email at

On May 3, 2006, I wrote in this blog a column entitled, "Personal security – Don’t be a victim!" You will find additional resources there to protect yourself.


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