Blackberry fails – Big time!

“In this day and age, not having a backup plan is equivalent to jumping out of a plane without a parachute: it’s simply not done,”  according to Carmi Levy, Senior Research Analyst, with InfoTech Research Group in London, Ont.

Carmi was talking about the failure of Blackberry last night. Believe it or not, Blackberry’s system went down! And they did NOT have a disaster preparedness plan; they have no recovery plan! Just this morning, in our monthly Managing Partners Roundtable, a major law firm’s Managing Partner said that his large firm had just compelled all lawyers to have a Blackberry as a key element of their disaster recovery plan.  If a Blackberry is a critical component of your communication process, what else would/could you do if that link fails?

Most businesses have no such plan, including law firms. That’s why I wrote the new (release date of May 2007) book, Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Planning for Law Firms: A LawBiz Special Report.  In reviewing this Special Report, Michael Hirsch, former FEMA Deputy General Counsel, said “I highly recommend (this Special Report) for attorneys and law firms as a basic document on how to be prepared to respond to and recover from disasters.”


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