Financial planning for law firms – Metrics for success

Wesst LegalEdcenter will be presenting a teleseminar on the topic of financial planning and metrics for reviewing profitability.  Wednesday at 10 a.m. PT

Unless there is a specific goal, one usually expressed in a number, there can be no goal. It’s been said that unless something can be measured, it has no value. Yet, when talking about creating a financial plan or a budget or, sometimes, even a strategic plan, there frequently comes a glaze over lawyers’ eyes. “That’s something for someone else to do, not me.” Yet, it’s this financial component that let’s us know whether we’re successful. How else could we tell? By the amount of money in our bank account? Yes, but how do we know whether that amount shouldn’t or couldn’t have been more? What is our benchmark?

This program will answer these questions.


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