Receptionists can make or break the day

A receptionist can cause great damage to a law firm! Or, a receptionist can be a shining light that clients look forward to talking to when they call. Such goodwill cannot be purchased! Such a staff-client is one of the best marketing tools available to a law firm. Too few lawyers understand this.

Years ago, when I was the COO of a mid-size firm, we employed a young woman whose skills at greeting people was outstanding. When she answered the phone, she was pleasant, friendly and helpful to the caller. She made sure the message was given to the attorney, and followed up to make sure that the attorney returned the call. When people came to the office, she made them feel at home and was able to converse with them easily.

Because she was so good, my colleagues urged me to promote her … but to what? There was no recognition that her position, on the phone as the first person to be heard by a caller and at the front desk as the first person to be seen when entering the firm’s office, was critical to the success of the firm. In my mind, she was Person Number One in the law firm.

In a blog post by Seth Godin, (suggested to me by Lisa Solomon) discusses some of the benefits of having a great Vice President, Reception.

My colleagues never got the message. Sad to say.

Have you called your office lately?


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