Justice run amok

Floyd Landis won the Tour deFrance in 2006. After what was perhaps the most incredible single day performance, normal drug testing samples were taken – as they always are from the winners.

Several days later, negative results of the tests were leaked to the press … and Floyd Landis has been living under a cloud of suspicion ever since.

What most people do not realize is that the drug testing labs are funded by our tax dollars …  American justice (little things like "innocent until proven guilty," "right to confront your accuser," among others) isn’t even given lip service in these labs.

A recreational cyclist and Wisconsin circuit  court judge, Bill Hue, highlights a few of the difficulties in some of the testimony from prosecution witnesses. His focus in this blog is primarily on the process of the testing —

 "…Floyd Landis’s case is built upon the premise of bad science, conflicts of interest, poor quality control, and bad testing procedures…"  After reading Judge Hue’s commentary about the negligent procedures and almost total lack of due process, I am ready to tell my Washington representatives that my tax dollars should be spent elsewhere, and not funding a criminally negligent process.

Read for yourself. This is stranger than fiction.


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