Profit is a legitimate goal for lawyers

It seems that the argument about the distinction between law as a business and law as a profession hasn’t yet died.  David Bilinsky shares a comment about a new book by David Slayton, entitled Lawyers Gone Bad: Money, Sex and Madness in Canada’s Legal Profession.

David discusses the author’s comment that lawyers have abandoned the ideals of the profession (helping the poor and middle-class) in search for profits.  I concur with David’s assertion that it is not wrong to seek profit. After all, if you (lawyer) are more profitable, you can also afford to be more generous with your time and money.

And, if you review the greatest contributors to public law firms (who provide incredible quality and quantity of legal service to folks who are poor, middle class and otherwise unable to afford legal services), it is the large law firms … Many of these firms now have pro bono departments!

It is not wrong to seek profit. And seeking profit doesn’t mean you don’t/can’t also, simultaneously, provide needed services to/for society.

It’s about time we move on from this discussion to something more meaningful.


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