Humor in almost every disaster

This week, I’m in Cleveland for two distinct presentations to Cleveland lawyers and law firm administrators. When I left home, I had a new cell phone (I really love the Motorola Razr) and everything in my life was “in order.” 

On arrival yesterday, my new cell phone stopped working (my first clue that things were about to change) and my wife was desperately searching to find me to give me bad news. First, the bad news:  A house that I own and rent burned down.  Next, the good news:  No one was hurt! The family is now displaced and needs a new place to live, but they are all fine. The fire was during the day and they were out of the house.  Now, the funny news:  During the aftermath, a fireman asked the tenant if he smoked, thinking that perhaps a lighted cigarette was the cause.  The tenant responded:  No, I don’t smoke cigarettes, only marijuana!  I nearly cracked up. He obviously didn’t have advice of counsel not to make such an admission. He also claims, however, to have a medical prescription. By the way, AT&T fixed my cell phone this morning.

I’ll have to read my own book, Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Planning: A LawBiz Special Report.  We just never know from whence or when or what kind of a disaster will hit! To the extent we can, we need to anticipate disasters and plan for recovery and continuity!



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