Building Loyalty

Q: My practice is in a rut and I don’t know why. How can I attract more clientele—both old and new—as well as those who come from diverse backgrounds?

A: Build loyalty through warmth and inclusion.

Start by asking yourself: What do clients find when they come into your office for the first time? Is it a friendly environment with informative literature in the waiting room, available in languages that reflect your clients’ primary languages? What about your physical office space? Is it in a non-threatening location with ample free parking, and a nicely appointed conference room that speaks to the potential for team meetings and collaboration? If you answer “no” to any of these questions, you know why you’re experiencing a rut.

Above all, what about the members of your firm? Clients ultimately get their understanding of your firm by the way in which you AND your staff conduct yourselves. You should be a team fully and obviously committed to providing quality service and work product for the benefit of your clients. If these things are lacking, there’s no reason for clients to flock to you or even stick around—they’ll take their business, and their loyalty, where they get a warmer welcome.

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