Disaster plans impacted by technology

Gary Chen, Senior Analyst for Yankee Group Enterprise made the following important points in the  recent Application Continuity 2007 conference about technology:

  • 83% of medium businesses (more than 100 people) have remote or mobile workers
  • That means that only 17% of such businesses have no mobile workers at all
  • Lifestyles today blend work and personal activities with fluid boundaries between the two
  • 15% of our workforce are telecommuters
  • 23% of our workforce travel long distance
  • 27% of our workforce travel locally
  • "Anywhere solutions" can boost productivity and enhance the probability of recovery in the event of disasters
  • New technology for unified communications, not yet a driving force, is generally reviewed, if at all, at the time of replacement or updates rather than as an independent purchase now
  • One of the greatest challenges facing today’s business is that information is lost or stranded within the head of one individual

That means that technology becomes even more important in the management of a law firm. Technology affects current law firm profitability and becomes essential for survival and continuity in times of disaster.  In current terminology, "knowledge management" will be the backbone of the success and survival of a law firm. And knowledge management needs enhanced technology to be effective and readily available. As I’ve said before, I believe law firms of the future will grow or die based on their effective implementation of knowledge management.

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