Email takes a holiday on Friday

USA Today said in a recent column that Fridays are going from casual to e-mail-free. That may be the only way to cut down on the excesses of email. Use email at business only for important tasks that cannot be done otherwise, especially communications in the same office. Address important emails first. And don’t procrastinate responding … This may help some.

Email may not be the best communication tool for lawyers. This is especially true for confidential communications between lawyer and client. Hackers may be able to enter your system and capture proprietary and confidential information. (See our earlier post about cyber liability insurance and be sure to talk to your broker about this insurance.)

In the first face-to-face meeting with your client, talk about how they want to receive communications from you, by phone, email or hard-copy. Talk about the safety and speed of each method and get consent in writing from you client before you start using technology.

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