Thinking beyond the norm

Sometimes, in today’s very competitive legal environment, lawyers and law firms must think "outside of the box," beyond the norm. Creating a strategy for your future is mandatory for success, for knowing whether you’ve arrived at "success." Obviously, that is not a "given," not automatic. We must first create, then implement, to be successful.

Other fields of endeavor often provide us with examples of this type of thinking. See below for one example in the art world. I’ve seen this type of approach only twice in my life, once by Salvador Dali in possibly my favorite works of art of all time and once by my sister (also an artist).

See the Cochrane Mural

For those people that live in another part of the world, Cochrane is a community just west of Calgary, Alberta . (Not the one in Northern Ontario.)

This mural was unveiled at the Cochrane Ranche House July 1, 2007. Each tile is 1 foot square, is it’s own individual picture, and each is by a different artist.  All of them together form this huge mural.   You can click on each of the tiles to see them in detail.  Check out the horse’s eye and nostril and anywhere else on the mural. Also the two below it.


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