Do blogs work for lawyers?

Ed, you’re an avid blogger—I read LawBiz® Blog all the time. I’ve even contemplated starting my own blog. What could blogging do for my private law practice?


Blawgs (blogs specifically for the law profession) are powerful marketing tools that combine personalized observation with facts and insights from the lawyers area of focus. Despite the misguided efforts of some state bar associations (most notably New York) to put restraints and external controls on what can be posted, blawgs have become an accepted part of the legal landscape.

The best proof of this is that the American Bar Associations newly redesigned web site features on its homepage a directory of more than 1,000 blawgs which are organized and can be accessed by category. Im pleased to say that among blawgs by consultants, the LawBiz®Blog ranks among the top dozen in popularity, based on the number of times that visitors to the ABA site have accessed their description of us.

"Content is king!" A popular saying, but the meaning is clear. The public is hungry for information — for solutions to their problems. To the extent that a blawger can provide information wanted/needed by their prospective clients, they will demonstrate their expertise and thus give to the individual another choice —- to call the attorney blawger.


I highly recommend you follow your instincts and start one of your own. Blawging is a great way to highlight your services on the Web, as well as encourage interaction and communication with clients.  I further recommend that you engage an expert to design and create your blawg. Outsource everything that is not within your core competency. It’s your core competency that clients want to hire, not your skills with technology.


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