Cyber Monday is here!

Cyber Monday is here .. indications that sales will be ahead of last year by 15% to 20% on line!  Buyers are shopping at the physical stores and then going on-line to seek better prices. Boot up and go shopping! When times get tough, the tough go shopping … <g>

Yesterday, I bought a great camera, a new model from a high quality brand. I couldn’t believe the difference in the pricing between what I saw in the store and the price of a reputable on-line operation (which, by the way, has a physical store in New York). And my wife says she will buy everything on-line this year in order to avoid the long lines and surly service in stores.

Is there an ethical issue in this circumstance? What are the ethics of using the service of a store, determining what you want, and then buying on-line because of a price differential? Is there any difference between this circumstance and comparing pricing among various stores?


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